Peppermint Hot Cocoa Cookies

As a young child my favorite holiday was, hands down, Christmas.  Is that really so much of a surprise!?  Probably not.

And as much as I enjoyed Christmas as a little girl I think I enjoy it even more now with four boys of my own.  Watching their faces light up as they race down the stairs to see what lies beneath the glow of our Christmas tree is priceless.  Inevitably, one of them breaks away from the trance of neatly wrapped gifts and checks to see if Santa has eaten his cookies or if the reindeer nibbled their carrots.

They always have and I think these Peppermint Hot Cocoa Cookies will be on Santa’s plate this Christmas Eve.  I figure if I can bribe him with baked goods and the idea that he is getting hot cocoa all in one bite he may leave me something special under my tree.

And because I believe in sharing my wealth of knowledge with others I’m sharing this recipe over at Stay At Home Artist.  The blog of my recently turned stay-at-home-mom friend Kacey.  Congratulations to her and her hubby!  Head over there for the recipe AND to gawk and awww at their adorable little boy!



  1. Great minds think alike! I just posted a Hot Chocolate Cupcake post today and then I see these amazing Hot Coco cookies! Heading over to Stay At Home Artist to check out the recipe!

  2. Aw yay! I need to go check these cookies out, they scream CHRISTMAS!

    And I, too, love Christmas 😀

  3. yumm-o!! those look scrumptious! Need them. Want them. Ended up pinning them 🙂

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