Turtle Pecan Cheesecake with Brownie Crust

My birthday came a little early this year.  In November I bought my little baby Helga {don’t judge. I’ve been waiting years for this}, I also went shopping before my crazy whirlwind trip to California, filming in LA, a one day stop at home to repack and fly to Virginia.  I had two weeks of being waited on, playing with friends and family, and feeling pretty hot while doing it.

Just the kind of way I’d like to spend the last couple of weeks in my 20’s.  And the last weeks of my 20’s were nothing like that a couple of years ago so I made up for it this year.

To top it off I made this incredibly sinful and utterly irresistible Turtle Pecan Cheesecake the other day.  All I can say is it’s a reeeeeeeeeeeally good thing I made this for a Christmas party or all those new clothes I just bought would be going to charity.


  1. Okay, the ghost of this one will be calling my name from the kitchen at 2:00 a.m. until get up and make it a reality. It looks fantastic.

  2. We are huge fans of cheesecake, especially around Christmas. Your turtle pecan version sounds incredible!! Love love love the brownie crust!!!

  3. Brownie… Crust… Oh my God, that sounds amazing.

    Nancy, Colorado Springs Roofing

  4. Um, we are only 16. I just thought you should stop lying about your age and trying to be older. FYI. I LOVE YOU!!!

  5. I can already predict the taste just by looking at the photo. This is a recipe that I would surely try. My holidays are going to be extra special if I manage to bake a delicious turtle pecan cheesecake.

  6. Oh. My. Word!!!

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