Heavenly Hash Bars

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.  Two, in fact.

The first was never wear socks with sandals {unless that’s the vibe you’re trying to put out…not that there’s anything wrong with that}.  But especially not when it’s snowing outside and you plan on walking anywhere.  Yes, I actually went out in public like that.  Wearing flannel jammie pants.  See, you really do have a friend that makes you feel better about yourself.

The second all too important and crucial lesson is I am not Martha Stewart.  No matter how hard I try there is no way I can put together fabulous coworker treat boxes AND still keep my sanity.  I DID put together awesome gift boxes…thanks to the entirely too lovely Martha Stewart treat boxes I bought the other day but my ability to stay awake for any period of time now is dwindling and I still have Wrap Fest 2012 to think about.  Hello A Christmas Story marathon, paper cuts, and brown paper packages tied up with string.  These are a few of my favorite things…

Just kidding.  I don’t like paper cuts.  I’d rather pay someone to wrap.  Just kidding.  I don’t even like rap unless it’s TLC.  Just kidding.  I haven’t listened to them since jr high.  Just kidding.  I didn’t even go to jr high.  Just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding.

You see what’s happening!?  I still have neighbors to think about and teachers and friends and they all expect treats.  I need something easy but insanely delicious.  And maybe even heavenly…?

Heavenly Hash Bars.  For the baking impaired or the overly baked and impaired.


  1. OH I just love these! I love that you used white marshmallows too–the kind with the multicolored marshmallows are always a little weird for me. 😉

    PS: I’m far from Martha status as well. 🙂

  2. oh. my. the kids would love these! especially since they can eat marshmallows right out the bag. lol! looks sooo good!

  3. “Heavenly Hash Bars. For the baking impaired or the overly baked and impaired.” This is why I like you so very much.

  4. You’re a heavenly hash bar. hehehehehe

  5. Lol! Thank you for the laugh 🙂 TLC rocks! Yes, I graduated high school in the mid 90s 🙂

    Now onto these bars…genius!! We need to be neighbors! 😀 I’d lock myself in the closet and eat them all!!

  6. Hahahahaaaaa you crack me up!!! These bars look DELICIOUS!

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