Ten of My Favorite Breakfasts…Just Kidding. Eleven.

Budget Gourmet Mom's 10 Fave Christmas Breakfasts

Breakfast on Christmas is as important as dinner on Thanksgiving for me.  It is THE meal of the day…as in we eat it ALL day.  We need the energy to maneuver through all of the torn paper, ribbon strewn about the room, and piles of legos that are now all over your carpet because the kids couldn’t possibly wait to open the box in their bedroom where all of those toys actually belong and now you are worried about stepping on them and breaking a leg.  Which is why breakfast is so important.

These are ten, er, eleven of my favorite breakfasts.  Some of them are quick.  Others take some time. While a few can be made ahead of time, frozen, and reheated.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

Breakfast Pockets   {make ahead and freeze}
Pound Cake Sticky Buns  {easy}
Nutella Swirl Rolls {easy and fast}
Stuffed French Toast  {overnight and easy}
Buttermilk Syrup with French Toast  {fast and easy}
Banana Nut Waffles  {make ahead and freeze}
Buried Treasure Muffins {great to make with kids!}
Asparagus, Mushroom, and Goat Cheese Fritata  {fast and healthy}
Caramel Apple Sweet Rolls  {make ahead but don’t freeze}
Carrot Cake Pancakes  {easy}

And number 11….

Breakfast Meatballs  {make ahead and freeze or chill}

Seriously so good and I couldn’t possibly forget to add them.  Make them a day ahead of time.


  1. Stuffed french toast has my name all over it. This is soo going to be our breakfast on Christmas morning!! Merry Christmas Krista, have an awesome time..

    • Thank you Gerry!! I hope you make it, it is so crazy good.
      Merry Christmas to you too! Looks like we are in for a white Christmas so if you ever get tired of that beautiful California weather let me know!

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