Crispy Peeps Eggs

Crispy Peep Eggs

Mr and the boys spent all last week on their own while I was in California.  They survived.  The house is still standing and if you knew my hubby that wouldn’t surprise you.  Mr Mom to the rescue!

Seriously though, he did a great job of welcoming me home to a clean house and I breathed a sigh of relief until I realized February is over.  Um…when did that happen?  I could have sworn I just made and broke my New Year’s Resolutions.

One New Year’s Resolution I didn’t break was doing more activities with the boys.  They love Kids Can Cook Toosday and for this installment we are sharing a fun way to celebrate Spring with Peeps.

This was the first time Little Squirt joined us and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  I think he had more fun eating the Peeps than making the crispy eggs but I’m okay with that.  How stinkin cute is he!?  What a squirt.

Crispy Peep Eggs


Within minutes of making the eggs they were devoured.  Within minutes of that we were online voting for our favorite flavors on PEEPsonality which is quite addicting…just sayin.  The kids helped create the Kids Can Cook Toosday King.  Uhhuhhuh.  We’re number 1.  Uhhuhhuh.

I couldn’t resist.

Crispy Peep Eggs

At one point one of them decided to have twins.  I don’t they have any clue what they’re getting into.  Oh well.  Sprinkles all around!

Crispy Peep Eggs

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